Monday, 7 February 2011

How to survive a zombie apocalypse... with Addison's

Like most sci-fi geeks, we have worked out a fairly detailed plan of action in case of zombie apocalypse, or possibly a more conventional sort of apocalypse such as a meteor strike or the collapse of civilisation. Or should I say, we had worked out a good plan. Post-apocalyptic survival becomes a lot more complicated when you have a dependency on life-sustaining medication. Not only do we have to worry about food, water, fuel and ammunition, we need to be sitting on top of a well stocked hospital pharmacy as well.

Any other tips?

1 comment:

  1. A good stock of Shiny things. People love shiny things, they can be traded for food protection and other essentials.

    Other than that boards, nails and hammers. These magically appear in most films, I have a filming they wont in real life.

    Oh and a large stone head (here's one i prepared earlier for your followers to worship and some kind of PA system to give them your orders.